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EuroMillions Jackpot of €190 Million Must Be Won On Tuesday

EuroMillions Jackpot of €190 Million Must Be Won On Tuesday
Updated: Friday 15th November 2019

Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw is set up to be the biggest of all time. Not only is the €190 million (£169 million) jackpot the joint-largest in history, but the odds of winning have never been better. Find out all about this special event and why the record prize now has to be won.

Maximum Jackpot Reaches Rollover Limit

The EuroMillions jackpot reached its €190 million cap back on Tuesday 24th September, meaning that it could not grow any higher. Over the past four draws, the funds that would normally have pushed the top prize upwards have instead been allocated to winners in the ‘Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star’ category.

This has helped to deliver lots of big wins in the second prize tier, especially for UK players. Eight more ticket holders from across Europe - including three from the UK - matched five numbers and one Lucky Star in the latest draw on Friday 4th October to bank prizes worth £1.8 million each.

This £1.8 million is up from the average payout of around £270,000 for the second prize, but it could be about to increase significantly on Tuesday night.

The jackpot is only allowed to stay at its maximum €190 million for four draws at the most, which has now happened. In the next draw, it must be won. The draw will work the same as normal, and anyone who matches the full set of numbers will claim the top prize.

However, if there are no jackpot winners - and there haven’t been for the past 22 draws - the full €190 million will roll down to be shared between players in the second prize category. If there are no tickets in the ‘Match 5 + 1’ tier, the money will go to ‘Match 5’ winners. Go to the page on Must Be Won draws for more information.

How Much Could Be Won In Total?

With the €190 million jackpot guaranteed to be won and strong ticket sales set to generate lots of prize money in all the tiers, it is possible that the total amount paid out in prizes on Tuesday will exceed €240 million.

Based on the last few draws, there could be between five and ten winners in the second category. If there are ten, each ticket holder will receive €19 million if the jackpot has to roll down, on top of the prize that would already be coming their way.

This could mean that several players receive more than €20 million without even having to match all the numbers. The odds of winning in the second category are approximately 20 times better than winning the jackpot.

Each draw is its own separate event, though, and everyone who enters will be hoping to snag the jackpot for themselves. A UK winner would become the country’s biggest of all time with £169 million to their name, surpassing the £161 million claimed by Colin and Christine Weir of Ayrshire in July 2011.

Tips For The Record Draw

The EuroMillions extravaganza is expected to attract millions of entries, with regular players who take part in every draw joined by new fans who are looking to strike it lucky at the first attempt. With so much interest, it is worth making sure that you get your entries in early to avoid disappointment.

You don’t want to run the risk of encountering a long queue or technical issue at the last minute on Tuesday evening, with ticket sales closing at 7.30pm. The draw will take place approximately half an hour later, with numbers announced shortly after 8pm and available straight away on the EuroMillions Results page.

The odds are already in your favour as the jackpot must be won, but you may decide to boost your chances further. You can do this by picking up more entries or perhaps joining a EuroMillions syndicate, where the cost of playing is split between everyone in the group. With a record jackpot up for grabs, you could still become a millionaire even if you end up sharing the payout.

Once the draw has taken place, be sure to check if you are a winner carefully. That includes waiting for the results of the Millionaire Maker raffle. Our Results App allows you to scan your tickets just by pointing your phone screen at the QR code. You can also use the app to get notifications about the results, check past numbers and much more.

Regardless of how you play, you have to be in it to win it. More than any other draw, this is a EuroMillions draw not be missed. Take part online or go to an authorised retailer for your ticket.

Published: Monday 7th October 2019

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