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EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Soar - How Big Can it Get?

EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Soar - How Big Can it Get?
Updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled again on Tuesday night, teeing up a £133 million bounty for Friday’s draw. The current spectacular sum is the result of 13 draws without a top-tier winner, but how big can the EuroMillions jackpot get, and what happens when it reaches that total?

EuroMillions Results Tuesday 13th February

The EuroMillions numbers for Tuesday 13th February were 10, 13, 17, 21 and 44 with Lucky Stars 1 and 10. There was no jackpot winner, but players from Ireland, Spain, Belgium and France banked €333,912 (roughly £297,000) for matching all five main numbers and one Lucky Star. In addition, two UK ticket holders are £1 million better-off thanks to Millionaire Maker.

Take a look at the EuroMillions Results page for both winning raffle codes and a full prize breakdown from the main game.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap

EuroMillions has a jackpot cap of €190 million (currently around £169 million). When it reaches that level, any funds from ticket sales that would normally increase the top prize instead roll down to the next tier with winners; usually those who match five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

There can then be four more winless rounds before the jackpot must be won in the fifth draw at €190 million. If there is still no jackpot winner, the entire pool rolls down to the next tier with winners, potentially creating a large number of millionaires in one draw.

Lotto has a similar rule, which saw Gloucester taxi driver Amo Riselli pocket a mighty £24.5 million without matching all of the main numbers between Christmas and New Year.

How Long Until EuroMillions Reaches the Jackpot Cap?

The last time the game hit its jackpot cap was Tuesday 3rd October 2017. There was no winner that night, and a Spanish player clinched the full amount on the following Friday. This Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot in Euros, the base currency of the game, is €151 million, which is similar to the level of the top prize on Friday 22nd September 2017. That draw rolled over and there were a further two games without a top-prize success before the cap was hit. If this run works in a similar fashion, the game could reach its maximum level on Tuesday 27th February.

EuroMillions Draw Time and Where to Watch it

Of course, players across Europe are desperate to stop the jackpot in its tracks on Friday night, banking a £133 million payday for themselves. If you want to keep a keen eye on events in Paris, the EuroMillions draw takes place at 8:40pm UK time and is available to view on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

For your chance to boost your bank account by an incredible £133 million, choose your numbers online now. Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 14th February 2018

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