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EuroMillions and Lotto Promotions Coming Up Soon

EuroMillions and Lotto Promotions Coming Up Soon
Updated: Wednesday 25th October 2023

Just between celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night, two of the UK's favourite lottery games are organising special promotions for their participants. While EuroMillions guarantees 10 UK Millionaire Maker winners, Lotto will also run a special promotion which increases cash prizes from £30 to £60 for players who match three main numbers. Keep on reading to find out when they take place.

The Lotto draw on Saturday 28th October will include a Match 3 Boost Event, offering players increased cash prizes. But how does it work? The draw will take place as usual and players who match three main numbers will receive £60 instead of £30. The winning entries for this category will be topped up from the Promotion Prize Fund. In case the number of winners is bigger than expected and the allocated prize fund won’t be enough, the promotion prize will be capped and it will be less than £60. If that happens, the prize will be calculated this way:

Nothing else changes with regards to how the draw is carried out. The other prize tiers, the ticket price, and the odds of winning remain the same. 

On Friday 3rd November, EuroMillions guarantees 10 UK millionaires as part of the draw. Participants who buy a EuroMillions entry are automatically entered into the UK-only raffle. With every purchase, you get a raffle code which is randomly generated by the lottery computer and which has four letters and five numbers. With usual draws, only one raffle code is selected and a ticket holder wins £1 million. But a few times a year, The National Lottery organises special Millionaire Maker draws which guarantee that 10 raffle codes will be drawn instead. 

Special Promotions in a Nutshell

Remember these dates to make sure you don't miss out:

Lotto - Match 3 Boost

28th October 2023

Enter this Lotto draw for a chance to win substantial prizes when matching three main numbers.

EuroMillions - 10 UK Millionaires Guaranteed

3rd November 2023

Make the most of the upcoming EuroMillions draw and you could become the next UK millionaire.

As these special promotions only happen a few times a year, they are not to be missed! So grab your tickets online or at your favourite lottery retailer, then check the results to see if you’re one of the lucky winners. 

Until then, you could still enter tonight's Lotto draw as it offers a £8.4 million jackpot or Friday’s EuroMillions draw for a €17 million jackpot. 

Published: Wednesday 25th October 2023

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