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Brechin Lottery Players Win Postcode Millions

Brechin Lottery Players Win Postcode Millions
Updated: Monday 3rd April 2017

The Postcode Millions prize of £3 million for the month of March 2017 was won by People’s Postcode Lottery players in Brechin, Angus. The winning postcode sector was ‘DD9 6’, and there were 245 winning players, with two of them winning £239,663 thanks to them living in the full winning postcode of ‘DD9 6JH’.

Postcode Millions is a monthly draw organised by the People’s Postcode Lottery, which awards £3 million to a randomly selected postcode sector. Only postcodes which belong to active players are entered into the draw, so every draw is guaranteed to be a winning one. In addition, only residents of the winning postcode sector who actively participate in the lottery are eligible for prizes, so the amount won by each winning participant is dependent on the number of people who take part.

Those who participate in the People’s Postcode Lottery get a chance to win prizes every day of the month, with £30,000 being up for grabs every Saturday and Sunday and the big £3 million draw being held at the end of each month. Participants play by subscription, so prizes are paid into the bank accounts of winning players automatically.

The People’s Postcode Lottery began in 2005, and a generous 30% of money raised from ticket sales goes to charity. Over £182 million has been raised for good causes so far, and a whole lot more has been won by winning participants, so it is no wonder that this location-based lottery is not only still going strong, but is becoming increasingly popular year on year.

The latest Postcode Millions winners attended a prize presentation at House of Dun in Montrose last Saturday 1 April to find out how much each of them had won. The two players who live at DD9 6JH were revealed as Sheila Black and Susan Lindsay, who landed a prize of £239,663. Other prizes won were worth at least £8,812, and a player named Suzanne Benton landed twice that amount by playing two tickets, which is particularly fitting because she is currently expecting twins.

We congratulate everyone who won a share of the Postcode Millions prize for March and we look forward to seeing which postcodes will prove to be lucky in the month ahead. Readers who would like to have a go at winning their own location-based windfall can find out more about the draws and how to get involved by visiting our Postcode Lottery page.

Published: Monday 3rd April 2017

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