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Best Friends Plan Las Vegas Trip After £15.3 Million Lotto Win

Best Friends Plan Las Vegas Trip After £15.3 Million Lotto Win
Updated: Wednesday 22nd February 2017

A pair of best friends from Tyne & Wear have revealed that they plan to go on holiday to Las Vegas after winning a Lotto jackpot of £15.3 million. Paula Barraclough and Lorraine Smith, who know each other as Polly and Lolly, matched all six main numbers on Saturday to land the huge prize, and have now been presented with their cheque in Durham.

Lolly bought the winning ticket from McColl’s newsagent on Park Lane in Sunderland with some spare change she found in her pocket, after the bus to work on Saturday morning failed to turn up and she felt she needed to get warm. When she later discovered that she had won, she called her friend the next morning before work. Polly recalled that she said to her friend: “You better be calling to say we’ve won the lottery.”

Lolly kept the ticket with her at work that day and did not tell her colleagues until she had contacted National Lottery officials. The pair, who have been been friends for 17 years and have always played the lottery together, are now looking forward enjoying the money, with a trip to Las Vegas and Chanel sunglasses top of the list.

They have no plans to give up their jobs, though, with Lolly set to carry on working as a cook in a care home and Polly employed at a coffee shop. Lolly also plans to spend some of her fortune on a car for son Lewis and new windows for her house, while they will also continue to play Lotto. Lolly said: “We just cannot believe our luck.”

Saturday’s jackpot was the biggest prize to have been given away since the start of 2017, and came just 24 hours after another UK player won £14.5 million on EuroMillions. There will be more great prizes on offer this week, and you can get involved by visiting authorised retailers or picking your numbers online. Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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