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Bayford Estate to Host Cambridge Rock Festival

Bayford Estate to Host Cambridge Rock Festival
Updated: Thursday 30th March 2017

EuroMillions jackpot winner Adrian Bayford has made a deal with the organisers of the Cambridge Rock Festival to host this summer’s event in the grounds of his £6 million estate in Horseheath. The festival attracts thousands of people each year and, as a big music fan who also owns a Cambridge-based record business, Adrian has offered his help.

Bayford was running a second-hand record shop when he and his then wife Gillian won a EuroMillions jackpot worth £148 million. That was back in 2012, and the couple have since gone their separate ways, but Adrian’s win hasn’t changed his musical interests one bit. On the contrary, he now owns the Black Barn Records store in Cambridge, which sells not only records, but also a wide range of film and music memorabilia.

The Cambridge Rock Festival has been running for many years, and its home since 2009 has been the Haggis Farm Polo Club in Barton, which is located just a few miles outside the city centre. Previous line-ups have included the likes of Thunder, Asia, Uriah Heep and The Stranglers, and whilst this year’s bands have yet to be confirmed, festival regulars are already snapping up tickets for the four-day event which will begin on Thursday 3 August.

Adrian’s idea of offering the grounds of his estate for the Cambridge Rock Festival may well make good business sense as far as promoting the Black Barn Records store is concerned, but it will also put the action in his back garden. There aren’t many people who can bring the excitement of a festival to their own doorstep, but Adrian seems to have managed it, and if this year’s event is as successful as everyone hopes and expects, the estate could well become its new home.

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Published: Thursday 30th March 2017

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