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A look back at Lotto in 2022

A look back at Lotto in 2022
Updated: Friday 30th December 2022

As the end of a big year for the National Lottery approaches, cast an eye over the statistical highlights from 2022 for Lotto. It is the UK’s flagship game and the longest-running, and this year it has given away almost 100 million prizes.

The biggest jackpot of the year has been £20 million - which has been up for grabs four times in special Must Be Won draws. In two of those draws, on 4th June and 6th August, there have been jackpot winners. The other two ended in rolldowns, with the entire £20 million split between players in all the other prize categories.

A rolldown is one of the most exciting features of Lotto, as it gives you the chance to win bigger prizes than normal. In total, there have been nine rolldowns in 2022, usually after the jackpot has rolled over five times and has to be won in the next draw.

The average winning jackpot for the year has been £7.1 million, but Lotto also gives out prizes to anyone matching at least two numbers. In 2022, there have been 97,941,125 winners - which works out at almost 1 million a draw.

The luckiest numbers this year have been 13, 21, 39, 50, 57 and 58. These are the numbers that have been drawn the most, while 20 has been the most common Bonus Ball. If you favour low numbers, perhaps family birthdays, this statistic suggests it might not have been your year in Lotto!

The numbers that have been drawn the least have been 2, 8, 32, 35, 40 and 55, with 13 the least common Bonus Ball. That doesn’t mean these numbers will continue to be infrequent, though, as the odds are the same for every single number. Previous results have no influence on what will happen in the future in Lotto.

Looking ahead to 2023, there are sure to be more special draws, rolldowns and prize winners in every draw. Select six numbers from 1 to 59 to take part, with draws every Wednesday and Saturday.

Published: Friday 30th December 2022

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