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25 UK Players Become EuroMillions Millionaires on One Night

25 UK Players Become EuroMillions Millionaires on One Night
Updated: Monday 24th January 2022

It was a draw to remember for 25 EuroMillions players in the UK on Friday night, who all won £1 million. The jackpot rolled over, but a special European Millionaire Maker raffle guaranteed that it would be a night of big winners.

The European Millionaire Maker is a bit like the regular UK Millionaire Maker, except it only takes place occasionally. The big differences are that it is played across all nine participating EuroMIllions countries, and instead of creating just one winner it creates multiple millionaires.

Friday’s draw guaranteed 100 millionaires, and 24 of them landed in the UK. The regular Millionaire Maker also ran as normal, leaving a total of 25 ticket holders with an extra £1 million.

Check out the EuroMillions Results page to see all the winning raffle codes. You’ll also find the winning numbers from the main game and a full prize breakdown.

Checking Raffle Codes

If you matched any of the winning codes exactly, with every character in the right order, you’ve got 180 days to come forward and claim your prize.

If any of the prizes remain unclaimed for a couple of weeks, the National Lottery will reveal the area of the country where the winning tickets were sold to jog the memory of players.

Millions of pounds go unclaimed every year, including many Millionaire Maker prizes. It may be that these players focus on their main EuroMillions numbers and forget to look at the nine-digit code. You can use the Checker to see if your Millionaire Maker code has appeared.

One UK player is guaranteed to become a millionaire in every EuroMillions draw thanks to the Millionaire Maker, while the jackpot provides you with a chance to win even bigger. Keep an eye on the results after each draw to see how you have fared.

Published: Monday 24th January 2022

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