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£180 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Goes to Single Ticket Holder

£180 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Goes to Single Ticket Holder
Updated: Friday 26th February 2021

A EuroMillions player has banked a record jackpot worth €210 million after matching all the numbers in the latest draw on Friday 26th February. The winning ticket was sold in Switzerland.

There were more than 5 million prizes given away on Friday, but only one ticket corresponded exactly with the winning line of 6, 12, 22, 29 and 33, plus Lucky Stars 6 and 11.

It is the biggest EuroMillions win of all time and comes hot on the heels of the previous record payout worth €200 million that came in December. 

The exhcnage rate meant that the final value of the jackpot prize in the UK was just over £182 million- £2 million more than the pre-draw estimated jackpot. The value of the latest jackpot is actually lower in pounds than the December win (£182 million compared with £183 million), as the exchange rate has changed since before Christmas.

EuroMillions Prizes

The jackpot could not rise any higher than €210 million after reaching its cap following a rollover on Friday 19th February. This created a larger prize fund than usual in the second category. Take a look at the EuroMillions Results page for a full prize breakdown.

In the UK, you have 180 days to claim any National Lottery prizes you win. It’s up to you whether you stake a claim as soon as you discover you’re a winner or bide your time until you are ready, but if you miss the deadline you will not be able to receive your money.

Unfortunately, millions of pounds do go unclaimed every year from those tickets which are not cashed in before they expire, whether it is because players forget to check their numbers or perhaps lose their entries.

Remember to check your numbers after every draw if you’ve purchased tickets from a retailer. There are no such worries if you play online as your numbers are kept secure and checked for you. 

Jackpot Cap Increases to €220 Million

The jackpot for the next EuroMillions draw will be worth £15 million, and it could now grow all the way up €220 million (roughly £190 million). The jackpot cap is lifted by €10 million after each time it is activated, allowing an even higher amount to be offered in the future.

The current rules allow for the jackpot cap to keep increasing until it eventually reaches €250 million, at which point it will be fixed in place permanently.

You can take part in the next draw now, and keep an eye out for how quickly the jackpot gets back towards record levels.

Published: Friday 26th February 2021

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