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Lottery Tips

The only way to guarantee winning the lottery is to buy enough tickets to cover every combination. For Lotto that would mean purchasing 45,057,474 tickets, and for EuroMillions youíd have to buy 139,838,160 lines. Imagine the queue behind you in the newsagents!

Keen players have formulated all sorts of systems for maximising their chances of winning the jackpot over the years; some are scientific while some are a little odd. Here are a few systems that can be used:

How to Choose Lottery Numbers

There are many different ways to select your lottery lines, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some people pick numbers based on significant dates, which makes it easier to remember the lines you played, but means you cannot win the jackpot if numbers from 32 upwards are drawn. Due to the popularity of this method, you are more likely to have to share a prize with more fellow players than usual if you win one, lowering its value.

Similarly, a large number of players pick numbers in a pattern, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 said to be one of the most popular combinations on Lotto tickets. Multiples of so-called lucky numbers like 7 may also reduce the award to each player, as so many ticket holders opt for this route.

Lottery.co.uk provides comprehensive statistics for each lottery, including the most common, least common and most overdue numbers that have appeared in the winning line. Many players pore over these details in the hope of gaining an advantage, although it should be said that every ball has the same chance of being drawn as any other.

If you want to ensure a truly mixed set of numbers, you could use the Number Generator for your chosen lottery to create a random selection that doesnít limit your choices and is less likely to have also been chosen by a number of other players.


Joining together with friends or work colleagues to play Lotto or EuroMillions under a syndicate agreement means that you may only pay for the equivalent of one ticket per draw, but you stand to benefit from the better odds that come with playing multiple lines. Of course if you win, you have to share the prize with the other members of your syndicate but, with cash amounts sometimes hitting nine figures on EuroMillions, you would still become a multi-millionaire.

You can find out more about playing lotteries as a group by visiting the Lottery Syndicate page.

Lottery Wheels

To use a lottery wheel system on Lotto where six numbers are drawn, you might start by choosing eight numbers and then playing every different combination of six numbers within those eight. This would give you 28 entries into the Lotto draw.

If the winning line features three of the eight numbers you chose then you will be guaranteed to have at least nine of your 28 lines match three numbers, each winning £25. The more numbers drawn that match your initial eight, the more you will win. Of course if two or fewer of your numbers are drawn then you will have paid for 28 lines but won nothing.

Essentially a lottery wheel can maximise any win that you do manage to achieve, but can also see you lose a lot of money if you donít manage to match at least three numbers. It certainly canít guarantee a win. Due to the financial outlay needed to fund a lottery wheel, it could be a handy option for syndicates who buy a lot of different lines, spreading the cost between members.

The Pyramid Plan

This is a way of assigning numbers to letters so that you can let your name, your petís name or maybe even your favourite football team essentially choose your numbers for you. Not scientific in any way but it could be fun.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Soul Path

Some players ensure that, however many lines they play, they always include their soul number. This is found by adding together the digits from your date of birth. If you were born on 10th February 1981 your calculation would be 10+2+1+9+8+1= 31. If the number is over the highest figure in the lottery that you are entering then you simply add the individual digits together to find your soul number.

Whether any of these tactics actually bring you any luck is another story!