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How To Play Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto is played every Wednesday and Saturday evening at around 8pm. Players must pick six numbers between 1 and 47 for each line they wish to enter into the draw. A single line costs €2, but the minimum play is two lines so tickets cost at least €4.

Tickets for Irish Lotto can be purchased from authorised retailers across the Republic of Ireland or online. However you choose to play, the main steps you need to follow are the same:

As well as buying one-off tickets or online entries, you can also subscribe to the Irish Lotto in monthly instalments. That means you'll receive automatic entry into all Wednesday and Saturday draws, you can keeping the subscription going for as long as you like to ensure you never miss out on an Irish Lotto win.

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Can you play Irish Lotto in the UK?

The Irish lottery has become popular with UK players as it offers better odds than many other games worldwide, due to the 6/47 number matrix.

It is now possible to enter draws online from outside Ireland by betting on which numbers will be drawn. Visit the Irish Lotto betting page to choose your own numbers or select a Quick Pick to enter in the next draw.

When you play using this method, there are still eight ways to win and the prize amounts are exactly the same as if you purchased a ticket. You will receive an email confirmation if you win any prizes, and winnings up to £1,000 can be withdrawn immediately.

How to Win

As well as the jackpot, there are seven other prize tiers on offer in the Irish Lotto. The lowest prize is awarded for matching just two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Get the full details of how many numbers you need to match to earn a payout in the table below:

Numbers Matched Prize
Match 6 Jackpot - minimum €2 million
Match 5 + Bonus Ball Approximately €100,000
Match 5 Varies (3.22% of Prize Fund)
Match 4 + Bonus Ball Varies (0.81% of Prize Fund)
Match 4 Varies (5.24% of Prize Fund)
Match 3 + Bonus Ball Varies (3.49% of Prize Fund)
Match 3 Approximately €9
Match 2 + Bonus Ball €3*

*Online players will receive their Match 2 + Bonus prize in cash. Individuals who bought tickets from retailers will be able to claim two Lucky Dip entries to a future Daily Million with Plus draw (worth €3).

Irish Lotto Plus Raffle

When you purchase an Irish Lotto ticket, you also receive entry into the supplementary Lotto Plus 1, Plus 2 and Lotto Plus Raffle draws for an additional €1 per line. The Lotto Plus Raffle gives you a chance to win a €500 prize on Wednesdays and Saturdays following the main draw. You receive a raffle number between 0000 and 9999, and you can win a prize by matching the four-digit code in the exact order it has been drawn. The latest winning codes can be found on the Results page.