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Saturday 24th March 2018
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EuroMillions Winners

UK players have been participating in EuroMillions since the game began in February 2004 and have picked up some astonishing wins along the way. Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Suffolk were the first EuroMillions players to win the maximum possible jackpot of €190 million, a feat which has not been repeated in the UK. Other players have won enormous cash rewards as well, reaping the benefits of the large jackpots offered by Europe's biggest lottery game.

Top UK EuroMillions Winners

To date, there have been 383 EuroMillions jackpot winners, with 71 of those winners coming from the UK. The table below shows the top ten UK EuroMillions winners, with the largest prize winners in Sterling listed first.

Results Date Draw Number Prize Won Won by
12th July 2011 397 £161,653,000 Chris and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire*
10th August 2012 510 £148,656,000 Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk
8th October 2010 348 £113,019,926 Anonymous winner
14th March 2014 676 £107,932,603 Neil Trotter of Coulsdon, Surrey
7th October 2011 422 £101,203,600 Dave and Angela Dawes of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
12th June 2015 806 £93,388,944 Anonymous winner
14th May 2010 327 £84,451,320 Anonymous winner
28th May 2013 593 £81,381,673 Anonymous winner
12th February 2010 314 £56,008,113 Nigel Page of Cirencester, Gloucestershire
31st March 2015 785 £53,193,914 Richard and Angela Maxwell of Coningsby, Lincolnshire

*While Chris and Colin Weir received one of the largest EuroMillions prizes in Sterling, the value of their jackpot in Euro was €185,000,000 - €5 million less than the Bayfords won. The Weirs benefited from a more generous exchange rate at the time of the draw.

Top UK EuroMillions Syndicate Winners

Of course, many other EuroMillions jackpot prizes have been awarded to lottery syndicates in the UK. These players worked together as a team to win some incredible prizes: