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EuroMillions HotPicks Prizes

You win EuroMillions HotPicks prizes by matching all the numbers you choose to the winning numbers. The prize amount is fixed for each of the five different game types.

If you play Pick 5, for example, you win £1 million if all five of your numbers appear in the draw but you win nothing for matching four or fewer numbers.

The prize for each game relates to the odds and how difficult it is to win; the more numbers you pick the harder it is to win so the bigger the prizes get.

The table below shows the prizes you can win for each game type:

Game Type How To Win Prize
Pick 5 Match 5 numbers £1 million
Pick 4 Match 4 numbers £30,000
Pick 3 Match 3 numbers £1,500
Pick 2 Match 2 numbers £100
Pick 1 Match 1 number £10

Prize Capping

If you win on EuroMillions HotPicks you can expect to receive the advertised prize, regardless of the number of winners. However, prizes may be capped if there are far more winners in a particular game than usual and there is not enough money in the prize fund to pay everyone the stated amount.

The prize fund for each game is worked out by calculating the total value of entries in a particular game by the relevant ‘prize multiplier’. If this prize fund is not sufficient to pay out every winner the standard prize, the total amount available will instead be split between all the winners in that game.

The following table shows the percentage of ticket sales that is used to pay out prizes for each game. It also shows the prize fund multiplier for each game, which is used to calculate the prize cap:

Game Type Percentage of Revenue Allocated to Prize Fund Prize Cap Multiplier
Pick 5 66.67% 1.2
Pick 4 54.42% 1.35
Pick 3 51.02% 3.7
Pick 2 43.28% 11.2
Pick 1 30.87% 65