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The Christmas Lottery

The annual Christmas Lottery, offering a jackpot of £13.5 million to be won on Christmas day at 7pm GMT, costs only £1.50 to enter and has four total levels of prizes, starting for matching just three numbers. Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, but perhaps a green Christmas would be better if you manage to scoop the jackpot?


The Christmas Lottery draw took place at 7pm on Monday 25th December 2023. The results are show below.

11 20 32 37 45 49 1

Category Prize Per Winner
Match 6 plus Joker £13,500,000
Match 5 plus Joker £4,500
Match 4 plus Joker £225
Match 3 £5

How to Play the Christmas Lottery

It costs just £1.50 to enter the Christmas Lottery, and you can do so by following the steps below:

Odds and Prizes

The top prize for the Christmas Lottery is a jackpot of £13.5 million, larger than most jackpots you can play for in the UK and all over the world. The jackpot is only available in this draw and won’t rollover or increase, and won’t be drawn again until next Christmas, meaning you only have one shot at it for this year! There are four total prize levels, shown in the table below alongside the odds of winning:

Match Prize Odds of Winning
6 + Joker Ball £13.5 million 1 in 79,453,500
5 + Joker Ball £4,500 1 in 300,960
4 + Joker Ball £225 1 in 5,599
3 £4.50 1 in 75

If you win a prize in the Christmas Lottery then it will be paid straight into your online account. If you win the jackpot, a member of the customer service team will get in touch to firstly check a few details with you and then arrange for the amount to be wired directly to your bank account.