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Several Major Prizes Still Unclaimed as Walsall Appeal Launched

Several Major Prizes Still Unclaimed as Walsall Appeal Launched
Updated: Friday 9th October 2020

A number of large National Lottery prizes remain unclaimed, adding up to millions of pounds that need to be paid out before the tickets expire. Find out about the awards that are currently unaccounted for and what you need to do if you think you might be a winner.

You have 180 days from the date of a winning draw to claim any National Lottery prize in the UK, regardless of whether you have won a nine-figure EuroMillions jackpot or a free Lucky Dip on Lotto. Go to the Claiming Prizes page for more information about how to claim, depending on the value of your prize and whether you played online or at a retailer.

It’s up to every player when they decide to come forward, but the majority of prizes are claimed within the first couple of weeks. When major prizes are not snapped up within a fortnight, the National Lottery reveals the area of the country in which the winning ticket was sold. This is to jog the memory of players in those locations so they can find their entries in time.

Five Millionaire Maker Prizes Unclaimed

Head over to the Unclaimed Prizes page to find out where the current unclaimed prizes are located. There are five unclaimed prizes worth £1 million at the moment, and the National Lottery has recently launched an appeal to try and track down a EuroMillions player from Walsall who scooped £1 million on Friday 18th September but has yet to come forward.

The prize was won in a special Millionaire Maker draw which created 20 new millionaires instead of the usual one. Winners’ advisor Andy Carter said: “We are desperate to find this mystery ticket holder and unite them with their winnings. This amazing prize could really make a massive difference to somebody’s life. We’re urging everyone who bought a ticket in this area to check their old EuroMillions tickets again or look anywhere a missing ticket could be hiding.”

Prizes Can Be Paid on Lost Tickets

If the Walsall winner is unable to find their ticket, they could still be paid out if they submit an appeal within 30 days of the draw taking place. They will have to provide information to prove they are the winner - such as the exact time when they bought the ticket and the name of the store. Go to the Lost Tickets page for more details.

This initial 30-day deadline is very important, because once it passes the only way to claim a prize is to present a valid winning ticket within 180 days.

If a prize cannot be paid out, the money ends up going to the Good Causes Fund to benefit worthy projects in various different sectors - including sport, arts, heritage and community causes.

The next prize to expire will be a Set For Life ‘Match 5’ award that was won on 23rd April. The player - from the London Borough of Brent - is entitled to receive £10,000 every month for a year, but they will have to stake a claim by 20th October.

One way to make sure you never miss out on a prize is to take part online rather than buy your tickets from a store. You will always be notified if you win, with the majority of prizes paid straight into your account. If you are a jackpot winner, instructions will be sent for how to proceed.

If you have purchased a ticket from a retailer, you can use one of’s Checkers to help you find out quickly if you have won. You then just need to make sure you claim your prize before the 180-day deadline.

Published: Friday 9th October 2020

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