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Huge £144 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Snapped Up As Lotto Must Be Won

Huge £144 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Snapped Up As Lotto Must Be Won

One gigantic jackpot was given away last night as a lucky EuroMillions player scooped the top prize of £144 million, but another massive payout is guaranteed tonight as Lotto has reached the stage when it must be won.

Who Won The EuroMillions Jackpot?

The EuroMillions jackpot was won by someone from Switzerland, who matched the numbers 7, 17, 29, 37 and 45, plus Lucky Stars 3 and 11. The Swiss National Lottery operator announced that the ticket had been bought in the northwest of the country, in the canton of Basel, Aargau or Solothurn.

The prize they won was worth CHF183 million (€162 million) and makes them the biggest lottery winner in Swiss history, eclipsing the player who won CHF157 million (€135 million) in December 2017. The winner now has six months to claim the prize, which will be subject to a tax rate of 35 percent.

Lottery winnings in the UK are not taxed, so you will receive the full amount stated on the EuroMillions Results page if you were fortunate enough to pick up a prize in the latest draw. Apart from the Swiss jackpot winner, the other prizes in last night’s game ranged from £53,895 for matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star, down to £2.50 for players in the ‘Match 2’ tier. The winning Millionaire Maker codes were HPBD64510 and XPZR67531, instantly netting the two participants with matching codes £1 million each.

The jackpot had reached its colossal £144 million value following a Superdraw on Friday 21st September, which pushed the top prize up to a guaranteed €130 million (£116 million). Nobody won the Superdraw on the night and the jackpot kept rolling until yesterday, when it was finally banked. The top prize will now reset to £15 million for Friday’s draw.

Lotto Jackpot Will Be Won

An exciting week of lottery draws will continue with Lotto tonight, as the top prize must be won after breaking through its jackpot cap. The rules of the game state that once the jackpot passes £22 million, it can only roll over one more time before the money has to be given away.

There were no winning tickets on Saturday, when the top prize stood at £24.2 million, so it has gone up to an estimated £26.3 million for Wednesday and at least one big winner is guaranteed. If nobody matches all six main numbers, the jackpot will roll down and be shared between players in the next tier in which there are winners.

The last time a ‘Must Be Won’ draw was held, the full £24.5 million was claimed by a player who matched just five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

The advantage of a ‘Must Be Won’ draw is that it gives you the chance to potentially land a bigger prize for matching fewer numbers, and new rules set to come into effect in November will see the jackpot funds filter down throughout all the remaining prize tiers if there are no ‘Match 6’ winners.

You can take part in Lotto online or by visiting an authorised retailer, and it could just be that you become the game’s biggest winner of the year. Good luck!

Published: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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