Tuesday 30th June 2015
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Winning Lottery Numbers

Lottery Numbers Winning lottery numbers are something that most players think about at some point over the weekend, but surprisingly few people actually have a routine for checking the winning lottery numbers. As a result, many prizes go unclaimed for weeks, and some are never claimed because lottery tickets valid for 180 days expire after that time and all money due goes to Good Causes instead.

You can avoid missing out on a lottery prize you have won by getting into the habit of checking the winning lottery numbers on a regular basis. Here are some ideas you might like to consider to make that task easier:

• Watch the draw live. If you can’t watch the draw live, record it on video tape, DVD or hard disc drive, according to the technology you have available, and watch it later. Just make sure you have your ticket with you so that you will know immediately if the winning lottery numbers are your own.

• Check the winning lottery numbers online the morning after the draw. You can make this easy on yourself by bookmarking our own National Lottery Results page or even make it your home page.

• Don’t throw away the newspaper you buy the day after the draw until you have checked the winning lottery numbers. If you end up building a stack of Sunday and Thursday newspapers, that’s a sign you need to check those numbers fast!

• Subscribe to the game online. When you use the subscription service you don’t have to worry about the winning lottery numbers at all, because if you win you will be notified automatically.

Although it might take a few weeks to get used to checking the winning lottery numbers at roughly the same time, establishing this habit can be very useful, especially if you happen to win a big prize. Remember, the sooner you claim a prize, the sooner you can start putting that money to good use!

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