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Number Frequency

Number Frequency Number frequency is a term that refers to how often a particular lottery number has been drawn, usually covering all draws that have taken place since the game was launched. Although keeping track of number frequency isn’t something that affects the odds of any particular set of numbers being picked in the future, it can be something that makes participating in lotteries more engaging.

Lotto players who base their selections on number frequency tend to fall into three main groups:

• Players in the first group like to play numbers that have been drawn most frequently, and these are referred to as “hot” numbers.

• Players in the second group focus on numbers that have been drawn least frequently – so-called “cold” numbers.

• Players in the third group focus on numbers that are said to be “overdue” because they haven’t been drawn for a while (note that even a number that is “hot” overall can be classified as “overdue”).

There are two ways of tracking number frequency. The first is to keep a record of all lottery results manually in a large notebook and create summaries for each number on a weekly or monthly basis. This might sound dull, but some players actually like the involvement that this manual approach demands. A much quicker way is to use a computer spreadsheet or dedicated piece of lottery software. This will usually involve entering the results of each draw, but the advantage of using a computer is that you can (if  you set things up properly) identify hot, cold and overdue numbers at the click of a mouse button.

If you are a lottery player who is interested in number frequency but would rather not spend your time keeping track of results yourself, the easiest solution is to bookmark our own Stats page. This page provides all the information you could hope for, including:

• How many times every number has been drawn since the Lotto began.

• Which six numbers have been drawn most frequently.

• Which six numbers have been drawn least frequently.

• Which six numbers are overdue.

Basing your selections on hot, cold or overdue numbers doesn’t improve your odds of winning, but it can make playing the lottery more involving and therefore more enjoyable regardless of whether or not you win.

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