Friday 3rd July 2015
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Lottery Lucky Dips

Lottery Balls Blue Lottery players who choose to buy Lucky Dip tickets instead of selecting their own numbers could have several advantages over their number-choosing counterparts. This article reveals exactly how Lucky Dip buyers can benefit in ways that people who choose their own numbers can’t.

For those who have forgotten, a Lucky Dip ticket is one where numbers are generated at random by software running on the lottery terminal. Since any set of six numbers has exactly the same chance of winning as any other, choosing a Lucky Dip doesn’t affect your odds of hitting the jackpot one bit, but there are several reasons why choosing a Lucky Dip can often be the best idea:

• A Lucky Dip selection is genuinely random, just like the lottery itself. Some commentators suggest that a jackpot won by a Lucky Dip ticket is therefore less likely to have to be shared than jackpots won by lines based on common numbers such as lucky numbers, birthdays and hot and cold numbers (see number frequency for more details on the latter topic).

• You are less likely to make a mistake when entering a Lucky Dip line of numbers. As long as you get the day of the draw and the number of draws you want to enter correct, you can’t go wrong. This isn’t the case with people who choose their own numbers and often enter the wrong ones when they’re in a rush.

• Lucky Dip buyers don’t need to complete a play slip at all if they don’t want to. Instead they can just ask the retailer for however Lucky Dip entries they require. This can dramatically reduce queuing times when the play slip stand is particularly busy.

• Lucky Dips are a good way to remind yourself that lotteries are games of luck, and that your chance of winning is exactly the same as that or someone who spends hours poring over statistics about previous draws.

• Buying a Lucky Dip ticket for every draw prevents you from getting superstitious about any particular set of numbers. Yes, there are players who have played the same line of numbers ever since the lottery began and have eventually won a big prize, but this group of people is rather small compared with the number of Lucky Dip winners.

Whether or not you buy Lucky Dip tickets or choose your own numbers is, of course, entirely up to you. But with Lucky Dips offering advantages that your own numbers can’t, we’d opt for the Lucky Dip route every time.

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