Tuesday 7th July 2015
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Law of Attraction

Midweek Lottery The Law of Attraction is not a law in any scientific sense, but a theory that is being popularised in a number of books. The theory states that human beings can learn to attract better conditions into their lives just by expecting better things to happen. So can we learn to attract a UK Lotto win?

The most arduous sceptics would say no. Lottery games are entirely random and whether we win or lose is a matter of luck. We would agree with that, but we would also suggest that there is no harm in experimenting with the Law of Attraction, and if it helps us to get more fun and excitement from our involvement, it can actually be beneficial even if we don’t win a jackpot.

If you agree with us, why not participate in a Law of Attraction experiment of your own? All you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

• First, get yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine visiting your local lottery retailer, filling in the play slips (or entering your numbers online) and buying your lottery tickets. Make this visualisation as vivid and clear as you can.

• Next, go and buy your tickets exactly as you imagined you would.

• When you return home, put your tickets in a safe place and then sit down and close your eyes again. Imagine yourself watching the draw live on television and seeing your numbers being drawn one by one. Feel the excitement build within you as you realise that you have won a major prize.

• Now we come to the most difficult step of all. This involves you developing the feeling that your win is a certainty, and that all you have to do is wait for your numbers to be drawn exactly as you imagined on the day of the draw.

Law of Attraction proponents say that if you can feel certain that you have already won, and you don’t doubt, you will attract what you have imagined into your life. We have applied the idea to the National Lottery, but you could also apply it to other games such as free online slots if you wanted to do so.

Does the Law of Attraction work? The only way to find out is to try the experiment we have just described and find out! Try following the steps outlined in this article for six months and see if you win more often than you did in the previous six months. It could be that a big win is closer than you thought!

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