Saturday 4th July 2015
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Lottery Luck

Lottery Luck Lotteries are games of chance and therefore cannot be influenced by the player in any physical sense of the word. That said, some people believe that they can increase the amount of luck they have by changing the way they think..

There is an old saying that the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer, and many lottery players believe that the unlucky get unluckier whilst the lucky get luckier. Such players highlight the “evidence” for this that can be seen in all areas of life. Some people experience one bad thing after another as others seem to go from strength to strength. Is this just the result of random happenings? Is it because we are all “destined” to go through certain experiences in life? Or are our experiences – including our lottery results – things that we create ourselves through our expectations and attitudes?

Scientists, researchers and philosophers have argued over such questions for centuries, so there are no hard-and-fast answers that we can simply accept without question. Perhaps the best way to find out if we can improve the amount of luck we experience by changing our attitudes is to try it and see. For those of you who want to pursue that course of action, here is a 90 day experiment you might like to try:

• Believe that you create your own luck in life with the thoughts and attitudes you put out into the world. Think positive thoughts, expect good things to happen to you and be nice to the people around you.

• Whenever something negative happens to you, look for something positive about that situation rather than letting the incident ruin your day. Lottery winners choose to be happy and you can too!

• Spend five minutes a day being thankful for all the good things you have in your life, such as your friends, family and the roof over your head. When you do this you will realise that you are already far luckier than millions of other people in worse circumstances.

• As you go to sleep each night, tell yourself that good things will happen to you tomorrow, then look forward to finding out what nice surprises come your way.

Do all of this for the next 90 days and then decide for yourself whether your change in attitude has made you any luckier. And be sure to let us know if you win the Lotto!

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