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Postcode Lottery Tickets

The People's Postcode Lottery is open to everyone in Great Britain and is playable through an online subscription. Your postcode is entered into each draw, rather than you selecting a line of numbers like in other lotteries, meaning that you can share the joy of winning with other ticket holders on your street!

Players pay £10 to be entered into five different games during the course of a month, with winning amounts ranging from the £10 given away to each winning ticket in 15,000 postcodes every Sunday, to the top prize of £2 million, which is shared between ticket holders in one victorious postcode.

Players can purchase a subscription of one, two or three tickets, and the more tickets you purchase, the bigger your prize. For example, if your postcode is picked to win the Daily Prize of £1,000 per ticket and you have purchased three tickets, your prize will total £3,000!

Subscribing is simple and quick and can be paid through Direct Debit, credit card, debit card or even PayPal so make sure you sign up right away! Good luck!