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Yorkshire Teen Wins Lotto Jackpot

Yorkshire Teen Wins Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

An 18 year old National Lottery player who lives in West Yorkshire has more than a million reasons to be cheerful after winning £1,117,779 in the Lotto draw on Saturday 7 August. Stacey Bywater lives near Holmfirth and she won a quarter share of the £4.47 million jackpot with the numbers 13, 16, 22, 25, 31 and 39. The win came just a couple of months after her father had dreamed about a family member striking it rich, but despite the premonition (or happy coincidence, depending on your point of view) Stacey initially thought that she had won just £70!

“I watched the draw on the TV at home and saw I had four numbers straight away, my Dad said that was around £70 which would be a nice boost to my holiday spending money,” Stacey explained. “I then realised it was five numbers, which Dad said was around £1,500 which would have made a big difference to my holiday budget.

“My Dad then told me to look again as it was six,” she continued. “Once I had jumped around and screamed I realised I had no idea how much it was. I dreamt it might be as much as £100,000 which is a fortune, I never thought it might be over a million.”

After she had calmed down a little, Stacey went about verifying the win with the lottery organisers, but even when that had been done it still took some time for her to come to terms with being one of the latest lottery winners. “I hadn’t wanted to build my hopes up,” she explained. “Things like this just don’t happen to people like me. Dad had a dream about two months ago that one of us won, it is amazing that it has come true.”

Now that the reality of the achievement has sunk it, Stacey – who currently works as a nursery nurse – is thinking carefully about how to spend and invest her fortune. “I can put a deposit down on a house for my Mum and Dad to move from the council house we rent,” she said. “My elder sister has just lost her job so I can look after her and her little boy while she is looking for a job. And of course the holiday we are going on to Turkey this month will be great and we will have a giant celebration.”

A trip to the USA and a first car are also in the pipeline. “I have always wanted to go to America, I really cannot wait to visit,” Stacey said. “And I can now learn to drive and get a car. I would never have been able to do these things before the win.”

Congratulations to Stacey on her Lotto win and good luck to those of you who buy lottery tickets online for the next Lotto draw this Saturday 15 August, where the jackpot will be worth around £4.4 million. If you also fancy having a go at EuroMillions, the jackpot there will be around £12 million, so keep your fingers crossed and you might soon be drawing up your own shopping list!

Published: Thursday 12th August 2010

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