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Woolworths Lotto

Woolworths Lotto
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

UK National Lottery operator Camelot has said that Woolworths will no longer be able to sell Lotto tickets or scratchcards or process claims for prizes. This announcement comes on the back of the news that the famous Woolworths retail company established in 1909 has now gone into administration.

Although most of the 815 Woolworths stores across the nation will continue to open until after Christmas, anyone who tries to buy a Lotto ticket or claim a prize from the retailer will be disappointed. Camelot’s suspension of trading with Woolworths came into effect as soon as it was announced.

This means that Lotto players in the UK who are in the habit of visiting Woolworths for their scratchcard games or to check their lottery results will now need to find an alternative retailer. It also means that the chances of Woolworths recovering from its difficult position are made even worse than they were previously.

For tens of thousands of people, Woolworths and the Lotto have gone hand in hand. In most towns and cities people have been able to buy their lottery tickets from their local Woolworths store for years, and this has worked well for the retail chain, as more visitors to their shops has meant more business in general. Now that the ability to buy lottery tickets from Woolworths has vanished, it is questionable whether many of these regular customers will continue to visit the chain for other goods and services.

The announcement that one of Britain’s most famous retail chains will no longer be associated with the National Lottery is sad, but it may not be an irreversible decision. If the administrators find a way for Woolworths to continue operating (and thereby save thousands of jobs at the same time) the National Lottery organisers may well decide to renew their association with the company. In the meantime, Woolworths Lotto ticket buyers without an alternative local retailer can buy lotto tickets online.

Published: Thursday 27th November 2008

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