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Woman Wins $1 Million Trying to Prove Lottery Waste

Woman Wins $1 Million Trying to Prove Lottery Waste
Updated: Monday 31st October 2016

A woman’s efforts to prove that her husband’s interest in lottery games was a waste of money backfired spectacularly when she ended up winning a scratch card prize of $1 million. 57-year-old Glenda Blackwell, who lives in North Carolina, had been asked by her husband Buddy to buy two tickets for the Powerball lottery game, but instead she bought a $10 Carolina Millions scratch card with the intention of teaching him a lesson.

What happened next gave Glenda the biggest surprise of all, because she then scratched the game card panels and revealed symbols worth a cool $1 million. ‘I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn’t hit,’ Glenda explained after the win. ‘Sometimes I get aggravated with him, so I tell him, “You're just wasting your money.” I had to eat my words, but they were worth eating.’

Glenda had to choose between taking her $1 million prize as 20 annual payments of $50,000 each, or a smaller after-tax lump sum of $415,503, opting for the latter. The sceptic-turned-lottery-winner now intends to use her scratch card prize to buy a new home and help to put her two granddaughters through college. However, despite having won a top prize of $1 million, Glenda has said that she doesn’t intend to buy any more lottery tickets.

Scepticism about lottery games is not uncommon, and at some point, all players wonder whether or not they are wasting their money. However, participating in lottery games can be a relatively cheap hobby, with a ticket costing less than a cup of coffee at most outlets. And the good news – as Glenda Blackwell discovered first hand – is that it only takes one winning ticket to make the hobby worthwhile.

Here in the UK, lottery players have a wide choice of games to suit both their pockets and their aspirations to win big. Lotto and EuroMillions tend to dominate the headlines in this country, but Thunderball is an oft-overlooked game which also has plenty to offer. 

Thunderball tickets cost just £1 each, but the game has a top prize of £500,000, eight consolation prize levels (including a minimum prize of £3 for matching the Thunderball only) and every line of numbers entered has a 1 in 13 chance of winning a prize of some kind. Winning the top prize probably wouldn’t allow you to live the rest of your days like an A-List celebrity, but it could still be more than enough to help you pay off the mortgage, buy a new car and enjoy the holiday of your dreams. Visit our Thunderball area for more information and the next lottery player to win big just might be you!

Published: Monday 31st October 2016

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