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Wish on a Star

Wish on a Star
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

When Chef Paul Hardware saw the first star of the evening appear in the sky, he remembered to make a wish, which was to win the lottery. After which, he won £10 on the lottery, found a £10 note in the street and then won the whole £4,986,272 lottery jackpot on Saturday 18 August.

Currently, Paul works as a chef at the Piper’s Inn, in Ascot, Somerset but he’s a Welshman and big fan of the Wales rugby team so plans to spend some of his new found wealth supporting them in their World Cup Rugby bid. Wife Denise says they will stay living in Street, Somerset, but in a new house. Son Matthew also probably has some ideas as to how his parents can spend nearly £5million on a ticket that was bought at Sainsbury’s in Street. The winning numbers were 2,12,26,32,37,47.

Published: Friday 31st August 2007

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