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Win Millions for Valentine’s Day!

Win Millions for Valentine’s Day!

This Sunday 14 February is St. Valentine’s Day, and the EuroMillions and Lotto games coming up over the next few days will give lottery players the chance to win millions in time for the annual celebration of love and romance. The Friday EuroMillions jackpot will be worth an estimated £24 million, and then on Saturday the Lotto jackpot is expected to weigh in at around £32.8 million. In addition, the associated Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle games will each create one guaranteed winner of £1 million, so at least two players are sure to emerge from the weekend with an extra seven figures at their disposal.

The bumper jackpots that are available this Friday and Saturday will be welcomed by lottery players everywhere, but particularly by those who were hoping to see someone land the top prize in the midweek Lotto draw. As it happened, no ticket was able to match the six main numbers, which were 02, 13, 25, 32, 37 and 39, which is why the £28.67 million prize rolled over. No player won a second tier prize either, so the Bonus Ball number 48 was largely redundant.

There were 78 tickets that matched five of the main numbers to secure a third tier prize of £883 each, whilst 4,766 entries won £93 each at the fourth tier by matching four main numbers. The smallest cash prize of £25 went to each of 104,777 tickets that matched three main numbers, and over 969,000 players won themselves a free Lucky Dip entry for this Saturday’s game by matching two main numbers. As usual, 20 tickets won £20,000 each in the midweek Lotto Raffle draw, and one ticket won a cool £1 million by matching the Lotto Millionaire Raffle number, which was NAVY 8984 2744.

One of the six main numbers drawn on Wednesday (39) had been highlighted on our Lotto Statistics page as being one of the most overdue, so the most overdue numbers for the next Lotto game are now 33, 45, 05, 16, 49 and 24. For the Friday EuroMillions game, the most overdue main numbers are 42, 07, 34, 49 and 14, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 10 and 03.

We have already said that two UK players are certain to become millionaires over the next couple of days thanks to the Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws, but it would be even better to also see someone land one or both of the main lottery jackpots in time for the upcoming day of romance. Good luck with whatever numbers you choose to play for yourself and have a great Valentine’s Day on Sunday!

Published: Thursday 11th February 2016

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