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Win Diamonds on Mega Friday!

Win Diamonds on Mega Friday!
Updated: Wednesday 31st May 2017

This Friday is the last one of the month, and that means that it is time, once again, for EuroMillions players in the UK to get excited about the prospect of winning a Mega Friday prize. This month there will be five winners of £1 million each, and each winner will also get to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in South Africa. Even better, each winner will return to the UK with a bespoke piece of diamond jewellery worth £10,000!

Winners of the South African adventure are sure to have the time of their lives. The 12-night adventure will include an overnight stay on the 5-star Blue Train to Cape Town, a trip to De Beers’ Diamond Museum, a visit to Uwe Koetter jewellers, where they can discuss their bespoke jewellery worth £10,000, 4 nights at the luxury Shamwari Game Reserve, and more. And remember, all of that is in addition to the Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million each!

The main numbers drawn in the most recent EuroMillions game on Friday 19 February were 13, 14, 30, 32 and 39, and the Lucky Stars were 03 and 09. No player won the £19 million jackpot, and there were no UK winners at the second or third tiers, but tickets purchased elsewhere fared a little better. One ticket bought overseas won a second tier prize of €1,424,950 by matching the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars, and another five tickets matched five main numbers only to win €94,997 each.

There were 60 tickets that matched four main numbers and both of the Lucky Stars to secure a fourth tier prize worth £2,870 each, and more than 2.36 million entries won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. The total amount of cash won by UK participants exceeded £2.63 million, and an additional prize of £1 million was landed by the player who matched the Millionaire Maker code. The winning code this time was WCJ620838.

One of the most overdue numbers (14) and one of the most overdue Lucky Star numbers (03) appeared in Friday’s draw, so the most overdue main numbers to watch out for in the next game are 42, 07, 34, 16 and 45. The most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 11 and 01.

Whilst the Mega Friday Millionaire Maker game will no doubt hog the attention of EuroMillions fans this week, we still have a superb midweek EuroMillions game to enjoy. The jackpot in the EuroMillions game this Tuesday is expected to be worth around £23 million, so hopefully someone will be able to match the seven numbers needed to win that sum. Whatever happens, one UK player will win £1 million in the last Millionaire Maker draw before Mega Friday, so good luck to those of you who will be getting involved and be sure to let us know if your lottery-winning dream comes true!

Published: Monday 22nd February 2016

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