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Will London Riots Affect Lottery Sales?

Will London Riots Affect Lottery Sales?
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

It’s Tuesday and that means we should be looking forward to the midweek Euromillions and Lotto draws. However, the riots up and down the country have wiped thoughts of everything else from our minds. Many people don’t even have a corner shop left. So will the London riots affect lottery sales this week, as players have trouble buying lottery tickets this week?

Over the last couple of days we have seen unprecedented scenes on the news as many parts of the UK see flare ups of violence and unrest. What started in London as a peaceful protest has now spread across the city and to other big cities in the UK. Youths took to the streets of Birmingham last night, which means both the UK’s major cities have so far been hit.

So what will this mean for lottery players this week? Thankfully the National Lottery offer online ticket sales for all of the lottery draws, and many of us thankfully are unaffected by the trouble. However, this is sure to have a knock on effect on lottery sales in the affected areas and we’ll just have to see if that fact affects the lottery jackpots.

Tonight there’s a £29 million rollover up for grabs on the Euromillions Lottery and then on Wednesday evening the UK Lotto jackpot goes up for grabs. The UK riots might be at the forefront’s of everyone’s mind right now, but at least the UK lottery draws will provide a little light hearted relief this week.

Written by Kathleen Cross

Published: Tuesday 9th August 2011

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