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Will the EuroMillions Jackpot Soon Reach its Limit?

Will the EuroMillions Jackpot Soon Reach its Limit?
Updated: Monday 10th October 2016

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over once again last Friday, which means that the top prize in the next game this Tuesday 11th October will be worth an estimated £149 million. That is around €166 million, which is just €34 million lower than the €190 million jackpot cap, so if the top prize continues to elude players we could well see it come into play in the near future. So, what exactly is the EuroMillions jackpot cap for, and how does it work?

The cap exists in order to prevent the value of the top prize from exceeding the stated value of €190 million. The current jackpot can continue growing as usual until it reaches €190 million, but when that happens, the top prize must remain at that level and no more revenue from the jackpot fund is diverted to it. The jackpot can remained capped for four draws. If it is not won in the draw after that, the entirety of the jackpot prize fund is rolled down to the next highest tier that does have winners.

Of course, EuroMillions tickets continue to be sold even with the cap in place, so money that would normally increase the value of the jackpot is instead allocated to the prize fund for the second tier - Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star. This makes it possible for multiple players to achieve millionaire status; in the last draw at the jackpot cap, back on Friday 24th October 2014, there were three Match 5 + 1 Star winners who received £1.6 million each.

The current level of the jackpot cap has been fixed at €190 million since January 2012, and the top prize has reached that value twice in the past. The first time was in August 2012, when the sum was eventually won by UK players Adrian and Gillian Bayford, and the second time was in October 2014, when the jackpot was won by a single ticket that had been purchased in Portugal.

There is still a little way to go before the jackpot cap comes into play, but knowing how things will unfold should the top prize continue to roll over just might be something that comes in handy. Our hope – and that of most other lottery players – is that someone will manage to match all seven numbers in the next game or two.

Excitement about the EuroMillions jackpot is soaring with each and every rollover, so once again, those of you who would like to play for the £149 million that will be up for grabs this Tuesday should be sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible in order to make sure that their entries are in on time. You can also download one of our free lottery apps to your mobile so that you can check your numbers just as soon as the draw has been held. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

Published: Monday 10th October 2016

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