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Whole Lotto Wedding Plans

Whole Lotto Wedding Plans
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

A Lotto jackpot win worth £2,203,775 means that care home worker Diane Hill can finally afford the wedding that she and her partner, Bob Gould, have been thinking about for the last two years. Diane, who is an Activity Coordinator at Feltham Dene care home in Middlesex, won her £2.2 million fortune on Saturday 11 July, 2009.

“We’ve been meaning to get married for the last two years but we’ve just not been able to afford it – something always came up and delayed us,” the lottery winner explained. “We started saving again for a wedding later this year but now, with this win, we won’t have to wait!”

Diane and her partner don’t participate in every Lotto draw, but on his occasion it felt right for them to buy a Lucky Dip ticket from a local Tesco store. The couple checked their lottery results a short while after the draw had taken place.

“The tickets were poking out of my bag so it reminded us to check to see if we’d won anything,” Diane explained. “Bob went on the National Lottery website and asked me to read out the numbers and when I’d finished he turned to me and said we had won. I thought he was winding me up but when I looked at the screen, I realised we had matched six numbers!”

Diane continued: “I still didn’t believe it and tried to go on to Teletext but in my shock, I couldn’t work the TV! We immediately called Camelot and they confirmed that we had won but it still hasn’t sunk in.”

Although Diane doesn’t have a driving licence, the couple’s first purchase after they landed their lottery jackpot was a Range Rover Sport. “Bob has always wanted a Range Rover Sport so that was the first thing we went to buy but I’d also like to get a white convertible Volkswagen Beetle – I’ve passed my theory driving test and now I’ve got a bit of time on my hands, I’m going to focus on passing the practical one!”

With just over £2.2 million extra in the bank, Diane and Bob should be able to look forward to the wedding of their dreams and a lifetime of financial security. We congratulate the couple on their win, and also on their coming big day!

Published: Thursday 16th July 2009

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