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Weekly Grand Scratchcard

Weekly Grand Scratchcard
Updated: Wednesday 23rd June 2010

A Weekly Grand scratchcard player has won the top prize of £1,000 a week for a whole year, which gives her an extra £52,000 to spend over the next twelve months.

Julie Wallace, who is 37 years old, was stunned when she scratched the top prize, and was so nervous about the risk of losing her ticket that she tucked it under a carpet until she had a chance to make her claim.

“I can’t believe it!” Julie said when she eventually claimed her prize. “I usually buy the Flamin’ Hot Bingo Scratchcard but the Weekly Grand Scratchcard caught my eye instead – I’m so happy it did.”

Julie is now enjoying the process of making a shopping list. At the top of her list right now are a new sofa and football boots for her sons.

The lucky Weekly Grand Scratchcard ticket was bought at a Tesco store in Haddington, East Lothian. Costing £2, the game gives the player a 1 in 4.62 chance of winning a prize. No doubt any prize would have brought a smile to Julie’s face, but with £1,000 a week to look forward to, she’s sure to have a great year ahead of her.

Published: Monday 30th June 2008

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