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Weekend Guarantees More Millionaires!

Weekend Guarantees More Millionaires!

The Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle games always create at least one guaranteed millionaire, but this Saturday 16 January the latter will create five winners of £1 million instead of just one. Add in the £1 million that will be won in the Friday night Millionaire Maker game and the weekend as a whole will create half a dozen brand new seven-figure winners. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, the jackpots in the EuroMillions and Lotto games themselves will be worth around £61 million and £7.7 million, respectively.

Saturday’s estimated £7.7 million jackpot in the Lotto game is thanks to no player winning the top prize in the midweek draw. The Lotto results on Wednesday 13 January were 04, 12, 38, 46, 57 and 59, whilst the Bonus Ball number was 08, and the best that any player could do in the main game was match five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. One ticket achieved that feat and the second-tier prize for doing so was £63,339.

There were 44 tickets that matched five main numbers only to win a third tier prize worth £1,515 each, and another 2,892 tickets won £148 each for matching four main numbers. A cash prize of £25 went to each of 72,242 tickets matching three main numbers, and over 780,000 tickets won a free Lucky Dip entry for the next game.

As far as the midweek Lotto Raffle game was concerned, 20 tickets won £20,000 each and the full list of winning numbers can be found on our Lotto Results page. The Lotto Millionaire Raffle created one winner of £1 million and the number that is now worth that sum was RUBY 9558 0620.

Knowing that six EuroMillions and Lotto players are guaranteed to become millionaires before the coming weekend is over – and that is regardless of what happens in relation to the jackpots themselves – should encourage anyone who started the year with ambitions of winning big. Take a look at our Lottery Statistics pages if you’d like some inspiration for your entries, good luck and have a great weekend!

Published: Thursday 14th January 2016

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