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Wednesday Rollover Jackpot

Wednesday Rollover Jackpot
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Midweek Lotto players have a very nice Wednesday rollover jackpot of around £7 million to look forward on 26 August, 2009, so if you haven’t done so already it would be a good idea to buy lottery tickets online so that you don’t miss out on a potential fortune. Whilst £7 million pales in comparison with the £65.4 million EuroMillions prize that was recently shared by two winners, it is more than enough to change your life forever…

To start with, you could give a million to your friends, family members and any charitable organisations that you would like to support. This isn’t essential by any means, but most lottery winners like to share their wealth, and if cash gifts aren’t your thing you could share your win in more indirect ways. For example, you could treat your friends and family members to a trip of a lifetime, or buy each of them a new car. Even if you spent £1 million in these ways, you would still have £6 million left over.

Purchasing a new home and car for yourself would probably be fairly high on your list of priorities, so let’s set aside another £2 million for those. That would be enough to buy you a nice home in the country and an equally nice car for the garage. At this stage you would have £4 million of your fortune left.

You could set aside £3 million of your lottery jackpot for the future in an investment vehicle that pays 5% interest per year. If you did that, you would have an annual income of £150,000. If you could get 10% a year then your annual income would double to £300,000. It’s not the kind of money that would allow you to spend recklessly, but it’s a fair amount of cash for doing nothing!

All of that would leave you with £1 million to use as you want. Maybe you would like to learn to fly a plane, or spend six months in Italy as you learn to speak the language? Or maybe you would like to invest that too and boost your annual income by another £50-100,000? As a £7 million Lotto jackpot winner, your options would be considerable.

Clearly, winning a £7 million jackpot could change your life in a big way, so don’t miss out on your chance to experience all of this first hand. Play the Lotto online and keep your fingers crossed that you get the lottery results you need to succeed!

Published: Tuesday 25th August 2009

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