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Syndicate Celebrates Lotto Success

Syndicate Celebrates Lotto Success
Updated: Wednesday 16th September 2015

A syndicate of six women is celebrating after winning a Lotto jackpot prize worth more than £1.75 million. The jackpot was landed on Saturday 7 December, but the syndicate members – all of them fans of the Warrington Wolves rugby team – didn’t realise that they had won until six weeks later, by which time the Christmas festivities had been and gone. The exact value of the jackpot on 7 December was £3,517,994, and there were two winning tickets, giving the syndicate £1,758,997, or £293,166 per member.

It might seem strange that a lottery jackpot win would go unnoticed for six weeks, but Julie Phillips, who leads the syndicate, has a perfectly rational explanation for the way things unfolded. ‘I always buy one month of tickets in advance and check the numbers from the previous month when I buy the new ticket,’ she said. ‘I never check the numbers from week to week.

‘With Christmas being so busy I had just not checked the last ticket we bought,’ Julie continued. ‘It was just sitting on top of the fridge in our kitchen. It was only because I was in Warrington shopping and I walked past the kiosk where I normally buy our tickets that I decided to check. I had put the ticket in my bag before I went out in case I passed anywhere to check the numbers.’

When Julie finally handed her ticket to the retailer to check the numbers, the lottery machine had its own way of flagging up the fact that it was a lucky one, and that was by making a distinctive ringing sound. The retailer responded by telling Julie that she would need to call the lottery organiser.  ‘Everyone in the queue starting to cheer and I just walked away calmly joking: “You may see me in the papers next week as a lottery winner.”’

Julie’s half-joking prediction turned out to be spot on, and the six syndicate members are now thinking carefully about what to do with their winnings. Current plans include one member visiting her son in Australia, another getting new carpets and Julie helping her son to pay for his masters degree. All of the players intend to help their families in some way.

We congratulate all six of these lottery winners on their success, and we wish the best of luck to anyone who is inspired to try and win their own jackpot in the midweek Lotto game this evening. Click here to buy your tickets online, enjoy the game and be sure to let us know if your numbers come up!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 22nd January 2014

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