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Unclaimed Millions

Unclaimed Millions
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

A UK EuroMillions player has missed out on a prize worth almost £7 million by failing to claim within the 180 day lottery deadline and the prize has gone unclaimed.

The ticket matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star number on 28 September 2007 to win a whopping £6,989,367, but at 5:30pm on Wednesday 26 March, it became worthless.

A National Lottery spokesperson confirmed that the deadline had been missed, saying: “Unfortunately, I can confirm that the ticket-holder did not come forward within the deadline to claim their prize and has now sadly missed out on this substantial amount of money. To avoid this unfortunate situation happening again, I would urge all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis.

“We tried very hard to find the ticket-holder and it’s a real shame that they have missed out, but there is still one winner – the nation. This money will now go to the Good Causes, adding to the £20 billion which, over the last 13 years, has funded the biggest programme of civic regeneration seen in the UK since the 19th Century.”

The prize of almost £7 million would have enabled the winner to immediate join the Silver Millionaire class that we wrote about in our recent Millionaire Lifestyle news item. As you may recall, a Silver Millionaire is one that has £5.8 million or more, but less than the £13.8 million required to be a Gold Millionaire. Silver Millionaires can afford a substantial detached home, a second home abroad and a handful of fast cars.

Sadly, the £7 million man or woman won’t be able to enjoy any of this. Whether the winning ticket was lost in the street or is currently hiding at the bottom of a handbag or wallet, we may never know. All we do know is that this kind of thing can easily be prevented by keeping tickets in a safe place and taking a moment to check the winning numbers – and claiming any win – as soon as possible once the draw has been completed.

Published: Thursday 3rd December 2009

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