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UK Players Seek EuroMillions Comeback

UK Players Seek EuroMillions Comeback
Updated: Wednesday 14th May 2014

EuroMillions players in the UK hadn’t enjoyed any 2014 jackpot-winning successes in the draws leading up to last night’s game, and that dry spell didn’t improve last night because the midweek jackpot rolled over to the next draw this Friday. There were no British tickets being compensated at the second or third prize tiers either, so UK players will be looking to make a EuroMillions comeback in the next draw, and with a jackpot of around £20 million on offer, there will be ample opportunity to do just that!

The EuroMillions results for Tuesday 11 February were 08, 17, 25, 41 and 47, with the numbers 01 and 02 appearing as the Lucky Stars. Two tickets were just one Lucky Star number short of winning the jackpot, and the owners of those entries had to settle for a second tier consolation prize of €493,913 each instead. Eight tickets won a third tier prize of €41,159 after matching the five main numbers only.

With the jackpot rolling over and no UK entries succeeding at either of the top two consolation prize levels, it was left to the remaining nine prize levels to pick up the slack. That’s where the story improves, because the total number of prizes won in the game was 1,517,766, and tickets bought in the UK managed to grab £1,565,760 of the prize money. As usual, that figure doesn’t include the £1 million that was won in the Millionaire Raffle game, and the winning number last night was VWJ984444.

Players who want one or more of their selections for the next EuroMillions game to be inspired by statistical observations may in interested to note that the most overdue main numbers at the time of writing are 39, 09, 30, 14 and 40, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 07 and 03. As far as the most often picked numbers are concerned, the main numbers to look out for are 50, 04, 19, 11 and 44, as well as the Lucky Star numbers 05 and 03.

Before we get to the £20 million EuroMillions game on Friday, players with ambitions of winning big money can also pursue a Lotto jackpot of £2.2 million this evening (Wednesday 12 February). Head this way to buy your tickets online and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 12th February 2014

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