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Two Tickets Win Midweek Lotto Jackpot

Two Tickets Win Midweek Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Two tickets matched all six main numbers to win the midweek Lotto jackpot of £7,021,206 on Wednesday 25 April, so each of those lottery winners is now £3,510,603 richer than they were previously. The Lotto results on Wednesday were 08, 13, 18, 21, 40 and 44, and the Bonus Ball was 42. No further information about the jackpot winners is available as yet, but if either of them chooses to go public with their win we will obviously bring you all of the exciting details in due course.

364 tickets fell just one main number short of winning the jackpot on Wednesday. 5 of those tickets also managed to match the Bonus Ball, which meant that each of them landed a second-tier prize of £153,594. The other 359 tickets that matched five main numbers without the Bonus Ball won £1,337 each. 18,567 tickets won £56 each after matching four main numbers only, and 330,051 tickets matched three numbers only to win the smallest possible consolation prize of £10 each.

Lotto players who had elected to play the Lotto Plus 5 game in addition to the main game had another chance of winning with their numbers. The Lotto Plus 5 results on Wednesday were 06, 12, 17, 18, 35 and 40, and the Bonus Ball was 09. No ticket matched all six main numbers to win the top prize of £250,000, but one ticket matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win the £25,000 second prize. 25 tickets matched five main numbers only to win £250 each and another 29,071 tickets won either £25 or £2.50 each after matching four or three main numbers, respectively.

Now that the midweek Lotto jackpot has been won (twice over, no less!) the jackpot for the next game this Saturday 28 April will be worth around £4.1 million. Before then, on Friday 27 April, we have a EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot of around £36 million to play for. Buy your lottery tickets for both games today and if you strike it lucky you might well be a multi-millionaire by Sunday morning!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Thursday 26th April 2012

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