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Two Tickets Win Lotto Jackpot

Two Tickets Win Lotto Jackpot
Updated: Monday 2nd June 2014

Two tickets won the Lotto jackpot on Saturday night, giving their owners a fantastic new fortune to enjoy as they enter a brand new month. The jackpot was worth £3,885,318, so each of the winners can now look forward to having an extra £1,942,659 at their disposal. The lucky players will also need to decide whether to go public about their win or turn down the publicity in an effort to keep a low profile. Whatever their decision on that matter, we would like to extend our congratulations to both winners and we hope they enjoy their new-found millionaire status!

The Lotto results that led to the jackpot being won twice over on Saturday 31 May were 07, 09, 18, 24, 39 and 40, and the Bonus Ball number was 04. There were 313,859 prize winners in total, and the biggest consolation winners were found at the second tier, where 11 tickets matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win £28,193 each. The Lotto Raffle game created 50 winners of £20,000 each, and the next Lotto game this Wednesday 4 June will offer a brand new jackpot worth around £2.1 million.

EuroMillions players who were hoping to win the £64 million on offer last Friday were disappointed, with no ticket succeeding in matching all five main numbers (05, 24, 27, 41 and 45) as well as both Lucky Stars (06 and 07). Five entries matched all five main numbers plus one Lucky Star number to win £250,320 each, and one of those entries had been made by a player in the UK. 

A third tier prize of £52,150 went to each of eight EuroMillions tickets that matched all five of the main numbers, and two of those tickets had been purchased by Brits. As always, there were plenty of other winners at the lower levels, with more than 2.84 million prizes being landed in total and over £4.13 million being shared by UK participants. Another £1 million was won by one player who managed to match the Millionaire Raffle number HHR574198.

The other big game that took place at the weekend was of course the Health Lottery, which costs half as much to enter as the Lotto and gives players a 55 times better chance of winning the top prize than EuroMillions. One ticket landed the top prize of £100,000 on Saturday by matching the five main numbers, and those numbers were 03, 04, 23, 40 and 48. The Bonus Ball number was 10, and although it wasn't required by the top prize winner, it did come in handy for many of the more than 9,000 tickets that won a consolation prizes.

EuroMillions players can now look forward to a very big week ahead, with a multi-rollover jackpot worth £71 million up for grabs this Tuesday and a special EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot of €100 million (around £80 million) on offer this Friday. Click here to buy your tickets online before the stampede begins and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 2nd June 2014

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