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Two Tickets Scoop Euromillions Jackpot

Two Tickets Scoop Euromillions Jackpot
Updated: Tuesday 6th September 2011

The good news is that last night’s £13,225,500 Euromillions Lottery was won by two tickets. The bad news? It appears that neither of the tickets were sold in the UK. However, two tickets in United Kingdom won £214,519.20, and one player won £1 million on the Millionaire Raffle. Last night’s numbers were 4, 15, 23, 49, 50, with Lucky Stars 2 and 6. Are you waking to the news that you could be tens of thousands of pounds richer? Fingers crossed!

In the week where the Weir couple, who won £161 million, had to flee the country after being inundated with begging letters, it seems they weren’t the only big Euromillions winners thanks to the string of successes rollovers.

It is reported that Lottery retailers experienced a huge boost in sales over the six weeks that lead to the Weir’s phenomenal win.

A Spar owner in Wolverhampton claimed that sales shot up by 15% during this time. "The shop would get so busy at 7.30 in the evening with people spending £100 at a time on it. It generated a great atmosphere in the store, though, with everyone rushing to get their tickets."

However, buying lottery tickets online has major benefits over buying in the shop. For instance, you never need lose a ticket again, and you are automatically notified of a win. Plus, you don't have to wait in a queue, and buying online means you are never tempted to buy that king sized Mars Bar conveniently placed next to the till.

Tuesday’s Euromillions is now at an estimated £13 million. Buy online today, and then go enjoy the rest of your weekend, content in the knowledge your tickets are safe and sound.

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Saturday 23rd July 2011

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