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Two Scratchcard Jackpots Landed

Two Scratchcard Jackpots Landed
Updated: Thursday 24th April 2014

Two lottery scatchcard jackpots worth £250,000 each have been landed in the past few days – one by a 17 year old trainee chef who lives in East Grinstead and the other by a 49 year old mother of two from Manchester. Both jackpots were won on the £250,000 Turquoise scratchcard, which costs £2 to play and gives players a 1 in 4.45 chance of winning any prize at all, and as you would expect, both jackpot winners are delighted to have become a quarter of a million pounds richer.

17 year old Joe Hollick had called into a garage to collect a £4 scratchcard prize that he had won previously. Deciding that he might as well buy himself another scratchcard ticket he opted for the £250,000 Turquoise game. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions which changed his life in a big way.

“When I scratched the card and saw the gold bar, I thought I’d probably won about £10 or £20,” Joe explained. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was £250,000! I ran to my mates’ house and banged on his door to show him. I then phoned my Mum to tell her but she wouldn’t believe me so I had to jump in the car and go straight home to show her. She just kept laughing in surprise! I’m really happy to be able to help Mum with the mortgage. We had actually sold the house and were having to move, which none of us wanted, but now my win means we can stay put!”

In Manchester, mum of two Bernadette Harvieu bought her winning ticket from a local convenience store, and that too was a fairly random decision. “I was originally planning to buy two Lucky Dips for the Saturday Lotto draw but decided to get the £250,000 Turquoise scratchcard instead,” she explained. “I don’t know what made me change my mind, perhaps it was fate.”

Bernadette didn’t check the card immediately, so there was a small delay before she found out that her scratchcard was a jackpot winner. “It was half an hour later when I got home that I discovered I had won,” she said. “I am still in shock now. My son, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Rachel, were with me at the time and we kept looking at the card over and over again, thinking this cannot be right. I have won a few times on scratchcards but nothing on this scale.”

Well done to both Joe and Bernadette, and for those of you who want to play scratchcard games online, click here to take a look at the range that we have available. Also remember to buy lottery tickets online for the £13 million EuroMillions draw this Friday and for the £7.2 million Lotto rollover draw on Saturday. Good luck!

Published: Thursday 7th April 2011

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