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Two Rollover Jackpots Coming Up!

Two Rollover Jackpots Coming Up!
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

EuroMillions and Lotto players can look forward to not one but two lottery rollover jackpot draws over the next few days. The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over seven times in a row, and will be worth around £80 million on Friday 17 June. Then, on Saturday 18 June, the Lotto game will offer a rollover jackpot of around £7 million. In both cases, everyone reading this item can give themselves a chance to transform their lives forever by purchasing one or more tickets. The more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of winning a prize, but a single ticket really could be all you need to succeed!

As children, many of us enjoyed the traditional story which involved a boy named Jack buying a handful of magic beans. The beans appeared quite insignificant, but when they were planted they grew into a giant beanstalk, and when Jack climbed it he discovered a goose that had a talent for laying golden eggs. At the time of writing we have yet to discover a reliable source of magic beans, but when you think about it the opportunity to buy a lottery ticket is every bit as exciting and even more potentially profitable.

Just imagine taking a small amount of loose change and swapping it for an online lottery ticket which bears a handful of numbers. It might look like any other online lottery ticket and appear rather insignificant, but when the lottery machine spins into action it could ‘magically’ transform into something worth many millions of pounds. It might not sound like a traditional fairytale, but we bet that Jack would be just as impressed with a rollover jackpot win as he was with his golden eggs!

As countless lottery winners would be only too happy to testify, the dream of winning a jackpot – no matter how far-fetched it might seem before it happens – really can come true. All you have to do is be willing to swap a bit of loose change for a ticket or two so that you have at least a chance of experiencing the ‘magical’ transformation first hand. Yes, winning a jackpot is a long shot, but a long shot is far better than having no chance at all, and if fate smiles on you in the EuroMillions or Lotto games this week then it could be your turn to live happily ever after.

Buy lottery tickets online today, keep your fingers crossed and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 16th June 2011

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