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Two More Millionaires Guaranteed!

Two More Millionaires Guaranteed!

The midweek Lotto draw takes place this evening, and once again the associated Lotto Millionaire Raffle game will award two prizes of £1 million each, guaranteed. That means two people who choose to participate in tonight’s Lotto draw will wake up as brand new millionaires tomorrow morning. Even better, every ticket purchased will have a chance to win the Lotto jackpot itself, which is expected to be worth around £6.1 million.

One player who may already know how it feels to win a guaranteed prize of £1 million is the owner of the EuroMillions ticket that matched the Millionaire Maker code BLD375634 last night. That player effectively turned a little pocket change into a seven-figure bank balance, demonstrating once again that UK lottery fans don’t necessarily have to win a lottery jackpot to transform their lives forever.

The EuroMillions results on Tuesday 17 May were 15, 27, 32, 36 and 39, with the numbers 03 and 10 appearing as the Lucky Stars. No player proved able to match all of those numbers, so the jackpot, which had a final value of just over £16.6 million, rolled over to the next game on Friday.

Three tickets, none of which had been purchased in the UK, were able to match all five of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win a second tier prize worth €311,110 each. Another six tickets, two belonging to UK participants, won £37,532 each by matching the five main numbers only. 

The fourth tier awarded £3,311 to each of 34 tickets which matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars, and more than 1.41 million entries won lesser sums by matching fewer numbers. The total amount of cash landed by EuroMillions tickets issued in the UK was £1,874,479, so well done to those of you who won a slice of that.

Lottery players will have a double rollover jackpot of around £23 million to play for in the next EuroMillions draw this Friday, but first they can have a go at landing the £6.1 million jackpot in the Lotto game this evening. Download one of our free Lottery Apps so that you can view the latest results on your mobile phone within seconds of the draw taking place, and good luck with your numbers!

Published: Wednesday 18th May 2016

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