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Two Gigantic New Year Jackpots!

Two Gigantic New Year Jackpots!

There will be two gigantic jackpots for lottery players to pursue over the next few days, giving everyone the chance to celebrate the start of the New Year with a financial big bang as well as the traditional fireworks. On New Year’s Day itself, the EuroMillions game will offer a top prize worth around £30 million, and then on Saturday, the Lotto game will boast the biggest jackpot it has ever had, at around £46.5 million.

The Lotto jackpot is getting very close to the new maximum level of £50 million, which means that if it isn’t won in the normal manner soon it could well end up rolling down to consolation prize winners. We will talk more about that possibility if and when the maximum jackpot value is reached, but right now everyone is hoping that the top prize will be landed in the usual way, by someone matching all six of the main numbers that will be drawn this Saturday.

Lotto players who haven’t yet caught up with the results of the midweek draw will be interested to hear that the main numbers drawn on Wednesday 30 December were 22, 31, 47, 52, 55 and 59, whilst the Bonus Ball was 23. The second prize tier was just as vacant as the one above, but there were 63 tickets that won £1,540 each at the third tier by matching five main numbers only.

A fourth tier prize of £143 went to each of 4,354 tickets that matched four main numbers, and 101,062 entries matched three main numbers to win £25 each. At the lowest prize tier, there were more than 1.03 million entries that won their owners a free Lucky Dip ticket for the first game of 2016. In addition, the Millionaire Raffle number RUBY 5419 9783 was worth £1 million to the player with the matching ticket, and there were 20 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 each. The full list of winning Lotto Raffle numbers can be found on the Lotto Results page for the latest draw.

Every New Year is a time for celebration, but with two gigantic jackpots on offer, this year’s celebrations could be bigger than ever for a few lucky lottery players. Will you be one of those players? Buy your tickets, watch this space and you’ll soon find out! Enjoy the games and have a Happy New Year!

Published: Thursday 31st December 2015

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