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Two Big Midweek Lotto Jackpots

Two Big Midweek Lotto Jackpots
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

There are two big midweek Lotto jackpots to be won tonight. The first is in the UK Lotto game where an estimated £6.6 million could be won, and the other is in the Irish Lotto game where eight consecutive rollovers have generated a jackpot of around €7 million. And whilst we are talking about consecutive rollovers, there was yet another one in the EuroMillions game on Tuesday 6 September, so the next EuroMillions jackpot will be worth around £126 million on Friday 9 September. As you can see, if you haven’t already won a big lottery prize then you have plenty more chances to do so this week, and your millionaire dreams could well come true tonight!

Those of you who haven’t yet checked the EuroMillions results will want to know that the main numbers drawn last night were 35, 42, 47, 48 and 50, and the Lucky Stars were 08 and 09. There were six second-tier prize winners (one of them in the UK) who each won £196,606, and ten third-tier prize winners (two in the UK) who won £39,321 each. The winning Millionaire Raffle number was SLW245268 and the total number of EuroMillions prizes won weighed in at over 2.39 million – see our EuroMillions Results page for further details.

Although many readers will have already planned to play for the £6.6 million Lotto jackpot this evening, far fewer will have considered playing the Irish Lotto as well. This is a shame because the Irish Lotto game is just as easy to play online as the UK Lotto, and the odds of winning an Irish Lotto jackpot are even better than those for our own Lotto (1 in 8,145,060 as opposed to 1 in 13,983,816).

Play both the UK Lotto and Irish Lotto games and if you don’t win £6.6 million you just might win €7 million. And no matter what happens in the midweek Lotto draws tonight you can still look forward to playing for a £126 million EuroMillions jackpot this Friday. Click here to buy your lottery tickets for all the games that interest you and good luck with those jackpots!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Wednesday 7th September 2011

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