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Turquoise Jackpot for Scratchcard Player

Turquoise Jackpot for Scratchcard Player
Updated: Wednesday 23rd April 2014

A lottery player who lives in Thurso in the Scottish Highlands has recently won the tenth and final jackpot in the Turquoise Scratchcard game. The scratchcard game, which is played offline, had ten top prizes of £250,000 each when it was launched, and now every one of them has been claimed. The final top prize was landed by Sandra Swanson, who bought the ticket from a supermarket on Friday 5 August but waited until she got home to actually play the game. When she did, she hit the jackpot!

Sandra’s husband Glenn and his brother Russell were playing a game of golf on a Nintendo Wii console in a separate room when she discovered her win, so she hurried to tell them the good news.

“Sandra could hardly get her words out but Russell and I were far too engrossed in our golf to notice how flabbergasted she was,” Glenn explained. “Eventually we realised she had something big to tell us and when she broke the news we just couldn’t believe it.”

Glenn is a care worker and Sandra is a homemaker, and they have three children, the youngest being 16. Sandra is the big scratchcard fan of the family and her enthusiasm has paid off handsomely. “I enjoy buying scratchcards but the most I’ve ever won is £200 so it was a dream come true to win £250,000,” she said.

The couple now plan to buy a home of their own with their winnings – something that they have always wanted to do. “Owning our own home will be the biggest bonus for us and something we could only have dreamed of doing before scooping this win,” Glenn said. “We are really excited about looking for a new house and being able to decorate it exactly the way we want to.”

We congratulate Sandra and Glenn and wish them every success with their house-hunting. And for those of you who have been inspired by this news item, we should remind you that tonight (Tuesday 23 August) there is a massive £64 million EuroMillions jackpot up for grabs. That will be followed by a £10.7 million jackpot in the Lotto game on Wednesday, so buy your tickets online today for both games and good luck with your numbers!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Tuesday 23rd August 2011

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