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Triple Rollover Success

Triple Rollover Success
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Saturday’s triple lottery rollover jackpot of £18,992,109 was won in its entirety by one ticket purchased at the last minute by Steve and Ida Smith. The Smiths, who live in Hemel Hempstead, play the lottery on a regular basis, but the ticket that made them multi-millionaires was an additional one that Steve almost didn’t buy.

“We always buy a few lines for Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday,” Steve explained, “but this time, because it was a Triple Rollover, Ida asked me to buy some extra Lucky Dips, just in case. I’d completely forgotten until Ida reminded me when we were driving home from seeing family on Saturday afternoon. Luckily, I saw a shop ahead so we stopped off and bought three Lucky Dip tickets – and it was one of those that hit the jackpot!”

Whilst news of a single lottery ticket scooping the triple jackpot spread quickly, the actual winners didn’t find out that they had won more than £18 million until Sunday, when Ida was busy in the kitchen. “I was just getting Sunday lunch ready when Steve went to check our numbers on Teletext but none of them were winners,” Ida said. “I still had the Lucky Dip tickets so I started checking those and saw we’d matched three numbers.”

Matching just three numbers is something that brings a smile of satisfaction to all lottery players, but Ida hadn’t checked her ticket properly, as Steve discovered. “Ida said we’d matched three numbers but I had a look at the ticket and told her we’d matched four,” he said. “Then I looked again and realised we’d matched all six! We couldn’t believe it. We left the Teletext pages on for hours and just kept looking at it, worrying the numbers might change!”

Family comes first for the Smiths, and they say that they will be using some of the £18,992,109 jackpot they won to make their family more comfortable. They also intend to buy a bungalow with four bedrooms and enough land for stables and a paddock. Steve said: “I’ve always loved horses and it would be fantastic to have some land where we could keep them.”

Published: Thursday 31st January 2008

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