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Triple Rollover Revisited

Triple Rollover Revisited
Updated: Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Saturday’s triple rollover draw was won by one lucky player, and in doing so they scooped a whopping £18,992,109. Details of the winner aren’t yet known, but if they are aware of their success at this point then we can assume they are beside themselves with excitement. Sixteen players came close to the jackpot by matching five numbers and the bonus ball, and won £143,051 each.

The triple rollover draw last Saturday 26 January was the number one topic of conversation among lottery players across the nation. Although it was only the fourth such triple rollover since the Lotto began in November 1994, it came just a couple of months after the last one in November 2007.

Regular readers will recall our news item about the draw in 2007. Prior to that, triple rollovers took place on 14 October 2006 and on 24 May 2004. In other words, Lotto players waited nearly ten years for the first one and have since been treated to another three of them in a relatively short period of time.

Triple rollovers are newsworthy because they guarantee that the Lotto jackpot will be paid out. Players will primarily be hoping to win the jackpot outright by matching all six main numbers, but if this doesn’t happen then the cash will be shared between those who match five main numbers and the bonus ball. Theoretically, the jackpot can be “rolled down” even further if there are no second-tier prize winners, but in practice this is not usually necessary.

Whilst the odds of matching all six main numbers are 1 in 13,983,816, the odds of matching five main numbers and the bonus ball are a much better 1 in 2,330,636. And although such odds mean that there are usually at least a handful of second-tier prize winners, the sheer size of triple rollover jackpots means that they can all walk away with a considerable chunk of wealth.

For example, the estimated jackpot for last Saturday’s triple rollover was £18 million, which is enough to make a single lucky jackpot winner as rich as many Hollywood movie stars. But even if nobody had won the jackpot outright and 18 players had instead matched five numbers and the bonus ball, they would each have achieved millionaire status. It’s observations like this that make triple rollovers more popular than normal Lotto draws which have much lower jackpots by comparison.

Published: Thursday 24th January 2008

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