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Triple Rollover for Lotto Players

Triple Rollover for Lotto Players
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

Lottery players who don’t succeed in landing the £23 million rollover jackpot in the EuroMillions game this Friday 14 October will be able to have a go at winning a triple rollover Lotto jackpot on Saturday that is estimated to be worth around £14.4 million. Whilst triple rollovers are fairly common in the EuroMillions game they tend to occur far less often in the Lotto game simply because the odds of winning a Lotto jackpot are so much better – 1 in 13.9 million as opposed to 1 in 116.5 million. This makes triple rollover Lotto draws extremely popular, and our advice is to plan ahead and buy your tickets early for the draw this Saturday.

The Lotto results which eluded jackpot-hunters on Wednesday 12 October were 13, 24, 25, 26, 37 and 40, and the Bonus Ball was 30. Three tickets matched five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball to win a second-tier prize of £335,693 each, which is quite a nice consolation for coming one number short of the jackpot. 317 tickets won £1,985 each by matching five main numbers only, and 336,548 tickets won either £86 or £10 each by matching four or three main numbers, respectively.

Those of you who like to keep track of the most overdue numbers when making your Lotto selections will be keen to note that those numbers are currently 12, 08, 21, 01, 14 and 18. And if any of you like to follow the most common numbers (often referred to as ‘hot’ numbers) then we can tell you that those are 38, 44, 43, 11, 23 and 33.

Because the odds of winning a Lotto jackpot are 1 in 13.9 million and the estimated jackpot for the game this Saturday is £14.4 million, it could be argued that Lotto players are getting better than value for money for the coming draw. That’s because the potential payout of £14.4 million exceeds the odds of winning it. Of course, that value for money would be reduced if the jackpot ends up being won by more than one player, but we doubt that many people would complain about ‘only’ winning £7.2 million or £3.7 million, so that possibility certainly shouldn’t put anyone off!

Buy lottery tickets online today for both the £23 million EuroMillions game this Friday and for the £14.4 million triple rollover Lotto game on Saturday and if you get really lucky you just might be a multi-millionaire before the weekend is over!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Thursday 13th October 2011

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