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Lotto Triple Rollover

Lotto Triple Rollover
Updated: Monday 20th July 2015

For only the third time in the history of the National Lottery in Britain, the lotto jackpot rolled over three times in succession to create a triple-rollover jackpot worth nearly £18 million on saturday night. Two ticket holders matched all six numbers to win themselves £8,829,737 each.

The first triple rollover jackpot that national lottery players were able to play for was worth just over £22 million on 29 May 2004. Six ticket holders successfully matched all six main lottery numbers to scoop just under £3.7 million each. Then, little more than a year ago, the second triple rollover jackpot was worth over £18 million. Two tickets shared that prize to take more than £9 million each.

The odds of any lottery jackpot not being won depend entirely on the numbers that are drawn and the number of players that are participating in that draw, so triple rollovers are not something that can be predicted with any level of accuracy. This means that when one does come along the lottery-playing world sits up and takes notice.

The first UK National Lottery draw was held thirteen years ago in November 1994, and this Saturday is only the third time that a triple rollover jackpot has been on offer. How long we will have to wait until the fourth triple rollover is anyone’s guess, so Lotto players are making sure that they take full advantage of the one on offer right now.

Published: Thursday 1st November 2007

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